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Photo by Yellow Dive
Photo by Yellow Dive

Yellow Dive, one of the few dive shops on Izu Oshima island that, with the help of a seascooter, will take you places other divers won’t. Yellow Dive also runs a Guesthouse called Komugi Terrace, a haven for divers. Explore the beautiful waters of Tokyo during the day, and at night, get a good night’s rest at Komugi Terrace… Yellow Dive will help plan your trip with their expertise in diving spots and other activities.

Photo by Yellow Dive
Photo by Yellow Dive

Diving experience the Yellow Dive way.

Just 5 minutes from Motomachi Port and 15 minutes from Okata Port. If you see a cool, white building, then you know you are at Yellow Dive & Komugi Terrace, run by Mr. and Mrs. Furuyama. Tōru, who has more than 28 years of experience diving, worked at dive shops in Bali and Izu Oshima island before opening his own 10 years ago.
They started off with just the dive shop, but after realizing how hard it was for visitors to find accommodation despite the island’s popularity among divers, they decided to open up a guesthouse exclusively for divers.
When we asked Mr. Furuyama why, after his many years of experience as a diving instructor, he chose Izu Oshima island he answered ‘Here, the water temperature is relatively higher compared to areas closer to Kanto, and in the winter, the transparency is about the same as Okinawa. As there are a lot fish and close to 100% chance of seeing turtles, this is a place with a lot of potential for divers to have fun’. As Tōru’s destination of choice, a seasoned diver with years of travel experience, our expectation for diving in Izu Oshima is heightened.

Triple Arch, Photo by Yellow Dive
Triple Arch, Photo by Yellow Dive

Yellow Dive is one of the few dive shops on Izu Oshima island offering seascooters. With the help of a seascooter you can dive to the outer edge of unrestricted areas and visit sites like the Triple Arch, or Rakuda and Samemachi reef where the outline of fish is the clearest on the island, and even Aki-no-hama Drop-off, a site only allowed access to those who hold a seascooter specialty license.

Photo by Yellow Dive
Photo by Yellow Dive

Then there is the Blackwater dive, held only a few times a month and quite the spectacle. It’s an event where you get to explore the mysterious depths of the ocean at night with an underwater dive light to shine your way.

After diving, it’s time to mingle with your diving crew back at the house.
That’s not all that’s wonderful about Yellow Dive. As we mentioned before, the dive shop also runs a guesthouse called Komugi Terrace. The first floor has dormitories with separate male and female rooms, while the second floor is made up of private rooms.

Photo by Yellow Dive
Photo by Yellow Dive
Photo by Yellow Dive
Photo by Yellow Dive

It’s not uncommon for divers to travel alone, so make friends, go out and grab dinner together. Spend the evening getting to know your fellow divers.
There’s also a bar at Yellow Dive, so it’s great for hanging out with your new found friends after grabbing a bite to eat. Here, forgetting that they’ve just met, divers like to hang out together like old friends. A diving experience like no other, and people you wouldn’t meet elsewhere. That is why to date, Yellow Dive attracts divers from all walks of life.

YELLOW-DIVE & Komugi Terrace

100-0101, 210-6 Mizutamari, Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo

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