Tokyo, a sprawling metropolis and surprising host to a set of secret islands. While easily accessible from central Tokyo, the islands are the farthest thing from the cosmopolitan city. Instead you’ll find bountiful nature, beautiful blue seas, active volcanoes, and even a desert - not to mention a unique cultural heritage and great local food. Come and experience this well kept secret for yourself and have a Tokyo experience like no other.Read More


Tokyoislands are over a dozen in total, the most popular of which include Oshima; closest to Tokyo with amazing nature to boast, Niijima; a mecca for surfers with its long beaches with white sand, and Hachijojima; where you will find palm trees and a subtropical climate. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be an island that is a perfect match.Read More


The islands are a haven for outdoor adventure - with pristine, clear waters and a wide variety of sea life, it’s the perfect location for diving, snorkelling, and even a little bit of fishing. For those that prefer to stay dry, there’s great hiking to be had at the various mountains on the islands, and for the daring, Japan’s one and only desert expedition. Whatever your choice, there’s more than enough to satisfy any adventurous spirit.Read More


From volcanic mountains and deserts, to crystal clear waters and unique onsens - the islands though small in size are densely packed with a broad range of activities leaving less time wasted traveling and more time having fun.Read More


Experience the island’s unique culture borne from a symbiotic relationship between nature and man. In understanding the local culture where nature is both respected and worshipped, you may find a closer connection to not just the local community, but also the mountains and seas that surround you. Cultural events are held year round, like the Festival of camellia in March. These are events unique to the islands, so do check it out.Read More


There are different styles of accommodation available at Tokyoislands. Stay at a hotel to enjoy excellent Japanese style service and quality onsens, or get to know the locals better by staying at one of many guesthouses around the islands.Read More
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