Sakae Zushi – A Local Favorite With Menu Ranging From Sushi To Karaage.

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A must-have when you’re on an island surrounded by the ocean, is fish! You’ve made it all the way to Niijima island and now you want some delicious island style sushi or sashimi. Times like this, ask anyone on the island and they are likely to recommend the same place – Sakae Zushi. Popular among locals and tourists alike, the place started off as a sushi restaurant, and over time grew to be a spacious izakaya with a menu ranging from Niijima island style sushi to izakaya staples like karaage fried chicken. The place is so popular it’s usually full all throughout the weekend.

Located on Niijima’s Main Street
7 minutes by car from Niijima Port, Izakaya and Restaurant Sakae Zushi is located on Niijima island’s main street. Run by a family of Niijima locals who were born and grew up on the island, the restaurant was originally just a sushi restaurant. Due to its popularity the space expanded over time to fit more people, transforming into the izakaya restaurant that it is now.

Menu ranging from island specialties to izakaya staples
A popular item on the menu is the island style sushi, a Niijima specialty. Slices of fish are marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and other spices, then topped with Japanese mustard before serving. It’s made with all sorts of white fish, so try a few to see how they differ.
The fresh sashimi filleted by the owner himself is another recommended dish. At Sakae Zushi, you get to savor sashimi made from fresh fish caught at Niijima and other surrounding islands.

Other dishes on the menu include tempura made using Ashitaba – an herb native to the Tokyo islands, as well as salads and karaage fried chicken for those who aren’t fans of fish or raw fish.

Best to book a table during high season!
A restaurant loved by locals and tourists alike. It’s best to book ahead during high season, especially the summer. You can book by phone or just go directly to the restaurant to book in person as they open at 11:30AM.
Visit Sakae Zushi to savor authentically Niijima flavors.

Sakae Zushi
Address: 5-2-9 Honmura, Niijima-mura, Tokyo
Telephone: (+81) 04992-5-1539
Hours: 11:30AM – 2PM (lunch), 5PM – 10PM (dinner)

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