Orange Fish- the diving shop in Oshima knows everything from the sea to the mountain.

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Orange Fish
Approved as a geo-park, Izu Oshima is an attractive island with lots of aspects to discover, like its ocean, mountain, desert, etc.
From the ocean to the mountain, the diving shop Orange Fish will be your perfect guide.
They are not only diving instructors but also provide information as Oshima town geo-park approved guide. They felt that there is a big potential in the ocean of Oshima.
Orange Fish is about 15mn by car from Okada and Minatomachi port, 5mn from the airport. The owner Mr. Kasuya became a big fan of diving after his first experience of undersea world in Okinawa, and himself became an instructor. Why did he choose Oshima out of so many choices around the world?
He says “Because although being so close to Tokyo Oshima has a highly clear water with beautiful fishes and I felt lot of potential after several dives. It was also quite easy to tell and invite friends from the megalopolis.”
Orange Fish
A new shop opened 6 years after the first opening in 2006.
Orange Fish
Mr, Kasuya is respected for his teaching skills with already 5 years of diving shop experience in Tokyo. He is ready to meet any request from beginner to experienced divers.
Orange fish
You can also try to take your diving license. There is the open water diving certification (C-card) course of NAUI, one of the most famous agency. Orange Fish has over 10 years of experience in instructing.

They are also experienced in geo-park guiding too.
Orange Fish
Orange Fish is not just a diving instructor team but also works as geo-park guide.
As Izu Oshima is recognized form the Japan Geopark Committee, one other mission for the Orange Fish staff is to appeal the beauty of Oshima as a geo-park.
However their mission is not only to present the natural beauty of Mt. Mihara or the richness of the sea but to be able to tell about its geographical history, the local people, the industry and volcano, in fact about everything that concerns and constitutes the island.
Orange Fish
They can also be night guide and take you to spots where you can watch milky way and shooting stars that became very rare to see in the urban zone. There is a tour going to up to the back of Mt.Mihara, look up at the sky there and you would feel like being in a natural planetarium.
Orange Fish
You would definitely become a deeper fan of the Oshima, by learning and experiencing more through the eyes of Orange Fish, who knows everything from the ocean to the mountain in the island.

Orange fish
Address: 〒100-0101 723-2 Noji Motomachi Oshima
Tel: 04992-2-9707
Diving and geo-park tour are only in Japanese.

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