Miyoshi Souvenir Shop: All Of Oshima’s Souvenirs In One Place!

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What is Oshima island known for? What’s a good souvenir to take home from Oshima? For those of you pondering over these questions, Miyoshi souvenir shop may just be the answer for you.
A mother, father and son family-run business, they greet their customers with a smile, and are always happy to help find exactly what you are looking for. It’s the kind of welcoming atmosphere typical of islands.

A Complete Collection Of Oshima island’s Souvenirs
Some of the things that Oshima is known for include mackerel, seaweed, Ashitaba leaves, Japanese Camellia (Tsubaki) oil, Camellia petal dye, the list of goodies goes on and on.
But, where best to purchase these things you may think. Our advice? When in doubt come here to Miyoshi Souvenir Shop.
Just two minutes from Motomachi Port, this shop stocks every souvenir imaginable that the island has to offer.
In particular, fabric dyed with camellia petal is a rarity that’s hard to come by. Here, they stock a variety of pieces made by Ashitaba Factory, a multi-award winning manufacturer.

We met with Mr. Tomioka, a member of the team that has worked on enhancing the process of dyeing Camellia petals to a level so high as to arrive at its current award winning status.
Mr. Tomioka, a seasoned expert in the field, often gets invited overseas to receive awards.
As the undiluted solution is made using undamaged petals, it’s a procedure that requires a lot of diligence, but the resulting outcome is incredibly delicate and vivid.

There are no two Camellia dyes that are the same. Each and every one of these colorfully dyed fabric is individual. Find one to perfectly match your taste.
Another item worth hunting down at this store is the Oshima-yaki. As they’re not produced in such large quantities anymore, consider yourself lucky if you come across one.
Other available products include Camellia oil of various brands, local snacks, and a large selection of other products.
The mother, also the face of the store, will happily recommend products to you with a warm smile.

Starting Line For Cycling!
Another activity worth trying out on Oshima island is cycling. Miyoshi Souvenir Shop also rents out bikes. Set out from here and head towards the ocean and mountains. It’s invigorating to cycle through nature on a bike.
(More about cycling in Oshima: link here)
You can choose to rent the bike from as little as 2 hours to the entire day. Pick what’s best for you and try it out on your next trip to Oshima. Our favorite time of day for cycling is late afternoon, when you can catch the sun setting in the ocean while you bike. The view is beautiful beyond belief. Really, don’t miss out on cycling when you’re here.

Miyoshi Souvenir shop also carries light bites like ice creams, fries and coffee, so it can double as a cafe too. Relax and take time picking out some Oshima memorabilia to take home.

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Miyoshi Souvenir Shop

1-16-1 Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo
(Japanese Only)

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