Mashio: A Petit Hotel on top of a hill on Oshima Island

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mashio, hotel, Oshima Island, Tokyo Islands, Izu Islands
Gazing at the ocean and forests from a balcony high above, listening to the songs of chirping birds, enjoying healthy and delicious food, a detox for both mind and body… you can enjoy all of the above at a secret location on Oshima Island. Today, We encourage you to let down your hair and come visit Mashio for a breath of fresh air.

A heavenly Petit hotel on top of the hill

terrace, mashio, hotel, Oshima Island, Tokyo Islands, Izu Islands

5 minute drive from Motomachi Port, 15 minute drive from Okada Port and 10 minute drive from Oshima Airport. Driving along the coast you will be deeply impressed by the beauty and splendor of the ocean as well as by the imposing mountain which stands tall at the heart of the island.
After driving to a secluded hill you will find a small hotel, Masio. The moment you leave the car, you are greeted by trees and a lush selection of seasonal vegetation. The rather large door raises a feeling of expectation.
When you open the door and walk down the stairs you will feel completely relaxed by the scenery that greets you.

One side of the wall is fully made of glass, giving you a sense of freedom as if you were actually within the surrounding woods. A panoramic view of Oshima island right here from inside the hotel. There is a nice bar where you can sit and enjoy the view all day without ever getting bored.
Mashio’s owner, a native from Oshima island with a deep appreciation of the island, welcomes you. He is a warm, genuine man who greets even newcomers to the island with a ‘welcome home’.

An Exclusive Space Limited To Max 3 Groups Per Night

Mashio has a small but comfortable interior that can accommodate up to 3 groups a night. Each room has an ocean view, and you can wake up to the fresh air and smell of the ocean every day. Each of the three rooms is unique, all very attractive.

Room K, with its Western design aesthetics and brown base color has a nice, comforting feel to it
Room M with its spiral staircase and atrium breathes an air of elegance.
And last but not least Room Y with its warm, modern feel with a nod to Japanese style.

Room M and Y can accommodate up to 5 guests per room, allowing for families to stay together as well. A private hot bath can be reserved. The hot water is great to soak in while admiring the beautiful nature spread out before you.

Mashio Style Meals: Lovingly Packed With Oshima Goodness

dinner, mashio, hotel, Oshima Island, Tokyo Islands, Izu Islands
One of the enjoyments of a vacation stay is food, and here at Mashio you can savor a carefully prepared meal made from local ingredients.
Ashitaba, a local specialty herb, is often featured in many of the dishes. The herb, rarely seen on the main island of Japan, has long been regarded as a special herb effective for long lasting youth and longevity, and is packed full of vitamins essential for beauty.
Mashio’s organic meals will help cleanse your body from the inside out.

Stargazing at the terrace

mashio, hotel, Oshima Island, Tokyo Islands, Izu Islands
At night, after having your fill of good food, you can enjoy some drinks with friends and family or gaze at the starry sky from the terrace.
The luxury of spending your time like this is made possible thanks to a wonderful place like Mashio. Relaxing both your body and soul, you can be all you are meant to be. Right here, at this place.


If you want to make a reservation at Mashio, please go to and book from there.



100-0101, 492-1 Motomachi-Ohara, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo
(Japanese Only)
Pick up and drop off
Available (Advance reservations required)

Ship Booking

Departure Date
Requests only for return tickets with outward journey starting in Tokyo. This service only handles reservations of return tickets departing from Takeshiba Terminal in Tokyo. Call to make reservations for other ticket types.

Confirmation of requests and suspension of service in case of long holidays Responses to email (Saturday, Sundays and public holidays)

Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance of departure date.

*For example:
If departure date is August 1st, reservations can be made starting June 1st.
If departure date is August 4th, reservations can be made starting June 4th. Please check ferry schedule, fare and availability of seats before filling in your preferred date and time.
Please check the "ACCEPT" button after confirmation by the above by all means.


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