Kāchan: This Seafood and Local Dish Restaurant loved by All on Oshima Island

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Just 100 minutes from Takeshima Pier in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, Izu Oshima is the closest of Tokyo’s outlying islands. With its beautiful beaches and fresh seafood, it’s hard to believe that it is still considered a part of Tokyo.
The setting for this feature is Kāchan, a restaurant popular even among celebrities for their local delicacies.
The best part of traveling is trying out the local cuisine of your destination.
The taste and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere of this restaurant is sure to capture anyone’s heart.

A Restaurant Loved By All; Islander Or Not

Just a minute from Motomachi Pier, 15 minutes by car from Okata Pier and 10 minutes by car from Oshima airport. The restaurant, which stands on a road facing the sea, stands out from its surrounding.

Kāchan, an informal word for ‘mother’ in Japanese. Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing that comes to sight is a fish tank. It’s filled with live lobsters swimming around.

The wall to the right of the entrance is lined with autographs of famous people. It’s apparent that popular celebrities as well as familiar TV shows have somehow all ended up at this restaurant at some point.

Kāchan, which has its name known not just among locals but across the shore. We were eager to find out for ourselves what all the fuss was about.

Quality You Would Not Find In The City; Iso Ramen

One of their most popular item on the menu, Iso Ramen. It’s a dish made possible because of its location. Shellfish, prawn, octopus… packed full of seafood, the soup of this filling ramen has a miso base with its flavors extracted from all the seafood used in the dish.
It’s so filling and uses plentiful seafood, yet still very affordable at just 840 yen.

It’s hard to come by a dish of this quality and volume at such low prices in the city.
Only at Izu Oshima can you have such an experience.

Bekko Sushi; An Izu Oshima Local Specialty

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The most famous dish of the Izu Islands is Bekko Sushi.
The zesty chili of the marinated fish has a unique flavor that has been loved by islanders for many decades, and this dish too is offered at this restaurant.
Bekko Sushi is sushi made using slices of fish marinated in chili soy sauce.
The name derives from the fact that the finished product has a glossy bekko (or tortoiseshell) color. Families and restaurants all have their own recipes, and each have their own unique history.

At Kāchan, their bekko sushi is made using Budai, or parrot fish, but elsewhere you would find bekko sushi made using Japanese butterfish and other white meat fish.

The quality of the food at Kāchan is made possible thanks to the fact that they are surrounded by the sea.

(A set menu including Sashimi, Bekko Sushi, ISO Ramen)

The menu at Kāchan also features set meals and dishes such as lobster miso soup, all dishes that make good use of ingredients that you can only find from being so close to the sea.
They’re only open from 10:30 to 15:00, so go for lunch and make sure you are hungry.
I’m sure you will enjoy Izu Oshima’s soul food to your heart’s content.


100-0101, 1-17-9 Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo

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