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Snorkeling in the Tokyo Islands will be your great experiences!

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a hammerhead shark
a hammerhead shark

Unlike diving which can be costly and requires special training; snorkeling is a quick and accessible way to experience the ocean.

Each island has a unique environment to experience. Some islands boast viewing spots for sighting migrating fish, or viewing beautiful tropical fish swimming among coral. Others feature underwater lava tours, exploring the curious patterns formed by molten rock cooled and hardened underwater.

Some islands feature safe and secure snorkeling areas in specially created zones, and others are pure nature, having you battle waves to get into the water.

Before heading out on a snorkeling adventure, it’s recommended that you do a little research on all the snorkel friendly points. Additionally, it’s best to bring your own equipment, but if you forget there are plenty available for rent or purchase at the islands home centers and guest houses

As beautiful as the clams and seaweed are, it is against the law to remove the marine wildlife. However, there are special exceptions for fishing with specific regulations around the type of equipment to use.

With a little bit of homework and research into the different locations and laws, you are sure to have an enjoyable snorkeling experience.