“Camellia marathon” this race in Oshima Island open for everyone (February)

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With its beautiful natural environment of ocean and mountain, many events are held in Oshima. Camellia marathon, this winter event organized by the Oshima Tourism general incorporated Association, is becoming more and more popular, as it celebrated its 45th anniversary this year.

Few points about the race in Tokyo Islands.
The race takes place in February, it is organized by Oshima city, men and women run all together and you can choose either 5 or 10 km course.
No matter your nationality you have to be in good health condition and over 6 years old to be able to join the race. It is easy for everyone to join because there is no entry or participation fee, it’s totally free.
As you may have noticed from its name you will be running along the camellia roads witch is another point to enjoy the race.
Your time and ranking will precisely be recorded, so you can keep it for your souvenir and for your self-evaluation.
If you complete the race you will be award of an original t-shirt, drinks, hot pot food and on top of this, a free ticket to bathe in a hot spring. A perfect hospitality from the organizer team.

Total of 1300 runner entered from and out of the island in 2016. Although it rained on the due date, we had 824 people and it miraculously stopped raining at the point of stating.
We have a variety of participants like runners trying to set a new record, but also people coming with their family or with their friends, in couple or just on their own. So don’t take it hard, breath the island air and feel your body rejoicing in the atmosphere.
Soak in a hot spring and go on for a tour in Ooshima after the race… Why not a week-end short tour with a little exercise.

Camellia marathon race

Place: Oshima Tokyo Islands
Date: 11th of Feburary,2018
How to entry: https://entry.mspo.jp/entry/common/event.php?evcode=ZC18 (Japanese only)
Fee: All free
For more information please check this page. (only in Japanese)


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