Beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from the Tsubaki-Hana (camellia) Garden and its seasonal flowers.

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You will be able to see various seasonal flowers such as camellia in winter, cherry blossom flowers and violet in spring, hydrangea during the rainy season, clematis etc., in our Tsubaki-Hana garden. This is also the only place you can appreciate the wide panoramic combination of sea and Mt. Fuji.
Come and enjoy the beauty of our flowers in our garden that is over 17.5 hector large and chosen as the “International Camellia Gardens of Excellence” in February 2016.

After 30 years of on his own work, the village mayor Mr. Yamashita plant 2,000 camellia trees of 400 different varieties, in this large garden. It is only 10mn driving form the Motomachi harbor, Okada harbor or Ooshima airport.
It was the last words of his camellia enthusiast brother who died very young, that brought Mr. Yamashita to start his garden. He started his own study, and after years of research and failures he finally attained this huge garden we can see today.

Camellia and seasonal flowers
You might ask yourself, it’s only camellias, but with its 400 varieties I can guarantee your surprise at the “Tsubaki-Hana garden” by discovering the different features within the same family. It is not only camellias but we have cherry blossom flowers and violet in spring, hydrangea in the rainy season and clematis, in fact each season is recommended to enjoy the nature in our flower field.
Try to find your own favorite camellia.
Hydrangea field
Violet field.

Stunning view point of Mt. Fuji
Be fascinated and follow the beautiful flowers, you will reach an open field, a breathtaking stunning view will be laying in front of you. You will see the wide ocean, its horizon and the stunning view of Mt. Fuji on a sunny day. There are no such place where Mt. Fuji is seen so beautifully. Lay down on the field, watch the set of sea and Mt. Fuji and enjoy the gorgeous chilly time.

Other high lights
There are other lights in Tsubaki-hana garden such as observation deck where you can see Ooshima Island, Izu Peninsula up to Chiba prefecture, putting golf space, go-cart, and forest where you can meet cute rabbits.
Mr. Yamashita is a good performer of Gojinka Daiko (Japanese drum) a traditional art of Ooshima Island. You might be seeing him play if you are on a tour. This fabulous traditional music is also another recommendation.
Please come and visit our Tsubaki-Hana garden full of Ooshima Island highlights.

Tsubaki-Hana garden

100-0101, Tsubaitsuki-41-1 Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo
9:00~15:00 (16:30 during the high season)
Entrance fee
adult 830 yen, children 400 yen

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