8 Must-See Places On Oshima Island

Living life in the fast lane, there are times every now and then, when you…

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Camping in Izu Oshima!
Toshiki Camping Ground and Umi-no-furusato-mura

How about a camping trip surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches in Izu Oshima, just…

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Triple Arch, Photo by Yellow Dive

Diving & Guesthouse Yellow Dive: Seascooter Your Way To Unique Locations!

Yellow Dive, one of the few dive shops on Izu Oshima island that, with the…

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“Camellia marathon” this race in Oshima Island open for everyone (February)

With its beautiful natural environment of ocean and mountain, many events are held in Oshima….

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“Chalon” Oshima’s Cake shop baking with local ingredients

How about enjoying your time having a tasty cake and coffee on a sunny relaxing…

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Sanohama Beach: Sweeping view of 1Km black sand coastline

Beach on Oshima is quite characteristic. Contrast between the clear blue water with the black…

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Minato-Sushi: A Must For Every Visitor! Sushi and ‘Bekko’ Sushi Made From Local Catch

Having opened close to 200 years ago, Habu Port, or Habu-no Minato as it’s known…

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Miyoshi Souvenir Shop: All Of Oshima’s Souvenirs In One Place!

What is Oshima island known for? What’s a good souvenir to take home from Oshima?…

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“Island Star House” Oshima Island’s colorful secret resort-inn in a forest

*Want to spend a lovely time in Island Star House? Book now from here. (English…

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Beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from the Tsubaki-Hana (camellia) Garden and its seasonal flowers.

You will be able to see various seasonal flowers such as camellia in winter, cherry…

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