Enjoyable cycling course! Sunset Palm Line Course

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‘I’m looking for a nice chill ride’
If that’s you,  then we recommend biking on the Sunset Palm Line Course. Onsen? check. Sunset view point? check. Delicious ice cream? check. Fresh vegetable vendors? check!
It’s a beginner friendly course with plenty of fun pit stops on the way.

Course Summary

The course begins at Motomachi Port, the western gateway to Oshima Island.
Feel the ocean breeze as you bike to the northern most point of the island, Nodahama Beach, with a great view of the ocean to your left.
Turn around at Nodahama Beach to head back down to Motomachi Port, making sure to stop by Oshima’s dairy farm and farm to table markets where you can take a break while sampling some fresh island produce. Finish the course with a relaxing dip in an onsen.
The Sunset Palm Line is a course used in the triathlon, and as a result is regular training ground for many a runners and cyclists alike.
The building to the right in the above photo is Gojinka Onsen. As this course takes you back here at the end, keep on going for now and save it as a treat for when you reach the goal.
DSC_1372 DSC_2153 P5123673
Notice the variety seasonal plants growing on the side of the road, or the wild birds such as Monticola solitarius, commonly spotted in this area. With not a traffic light or street light in sight, the feeling of riding along this long road is simply exhilarating.
At Oshima Dairy Farm, you will find cows grazing freely in a peaceful setting.
Adjacent to the Dairy Farm is ‘Buratto House’, the island’s farm to table fresh produce market. Here, you will find fresh vegetables and dairy goods all produced by the island’s local farmers.
DSC_0620 PB042608

From fresh milk locally produced from cows that were bred within the island’s peaceful surroundings, to Oshima salt and Buratto House’s own passion fruit ice cream and soft serve, the goods on offer will be sure to tastefully revive your tired body. Do give it a try!

And the highlight of the Sunset Palm Line course is, of course, the sunset!
You can be anywhere along the route and still be guaranteed a magnificent, unbroken view of the sunset. As you watch the sun setting slowly with the sound of the waves in the background, the sky turning a deep red, it’s easy to get sucked in, forgetting about time.


Finally, back again at Motomachi Port and you have completed the course!
And what other way to end your bike ride than a nice dip in the onsen? Watching the sunset from Motomachihama no yu is also recommended!

Sunset palm line

Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo

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