Sanohama Beach: Sweeping view of 1Km black sand coastline

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Beach on Oshima is quite characteristic. Contrast between the clear blue water with the black fine sand makes an awesome view that will help you to forget, you are still in part of Tokyo prefecture.
We would like to present Sanohama beach that has the longest and most beautiful coastline of 1Km long among the beaches in Oshima.

Secret spot with very few tourists

You can have a view of Toshima, Niijima, Sikinejima, Kouzushima from the long coast. There are very few tourist coming because it is quite away from the port. The longest beach in Oshima with it’s sweeping view of 1 Km is composed only with fine black sand.
What we recommend you to see is the sunset, there are no words to explain its beauty. If you are lucky you can observe sea turtles laying eggs in September as the beach is famous for their spawning.

Remarks about the beach
Don’t forget to bring your shoes or sandals, the black sand absorbs heat and it get extremely hot in summer and you might get burnt.
As the beach is not officially recognized for bathing there is no lifeguard surveillance. Please note that everything will be under your responsibility in case of any accident so please be very careful. (swimming, surfing, diving are OK)

How to access

The best way is to rent a car. 15mn from Motomachi harbor, 30mn from Okada harbor, 22mn from Oshima airport. Drive toward Habuminato on the prefectural road 208, follow the left road when you see the road splitting at Mabushioishi.

You can also take the “Motomachi Habuminato line” bus and get off at “Sunanohama iriguchi” stop. It is about 5mn on foot. Don’t forget to check the time, the bus only come once a hour. (you can check the timetable from here-Only Japanese)

Sanohama Beach
Address: 100-0104 Mabushi Nomashi Oshima Tokyo
※There are no equipment and surveillance at the beach.

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