Onsens In Hachijojima: Uramigataki Onsen, Suekichi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu, Ashiyu Kirameki

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みはらしの湯 (8)
Photo by Hachijojima Tourism Association
Hachijojima, a tropical island in Tokyo where hibiscus flowers bloom, has the kind of atmosphere reminiscent of a resort. They are also home to numerous onsens (hot springs). We’ve picked our 3 favorites, Uramigataki Onsen, Suekichi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu, and Ashiyu Kirameki, to introduce to you today.

Uramigataki Onsen: onsen situated in a forest that overlooks a waterfall
裏見ヶ滝温泉 (5)
Photo by Hachijojima Tourism Association
Uramigataki Onsen is a 25 minute drive from Sokotsuchi Port, and is located in a place surrounded by the kind of wild greenery you expect from a remote island. It’s a rotenburo (open air bath) style onsen, with a fantastic view overlooking a waterfall.
Photo by Hachijojima Tourism Association
The name for the waterfall, Uramigataki, is derived from the fact that it is possible to walk behind it (urami means back view). As if you have wandered into a jungle, you get to feel Hachijojima’s nature up close, and with the double effect of negative ions and onsen you’re guaranteed to feel recuperated. For an undoubtedly refreshing experience, take a moment to take in the view of the waterfall before dipping into the onsen.

Uramigataki Onsen is a co-ed bath where swimsuits are required. So regardless of whether you are visiting with family, as a couple or with friends, you can all have fun in the rotenburo together. Be aware that there is only one dressing room, so it’s more practical to go with your swimsuit already on. There are no lockers on site, so avoid bringing any valuable items. Uramigataki onsen can be used for free, so simply bring along your swimsuit, or stop by after a swim in the ocean to relax.

Uramigataki Onsen
Address: Nakanogou-mura, Hachijo-machi, Hachijojima
Hours: 10AM – 9PM
Website here(Japanese Only)

Amazing View! Suekichi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu: The Perfect Place For Stargazing

みはらしの湯 (8)
Photo by Hachijojima Tourism Association

Suekichi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu is a 35 minute drive from Sokotsuchi Port, or a half hour from Yaene Port. At this onsen they have an indoor daitenbouburo (large onsen with scenic view) as well as an outdoor rotenburo, the latter with a magnificent view of the ocean in front. You can see so far that even Koiwadogahana, the southernmost tip of Hachijojima, is in view. As it’s open till 9:30PM, you can enjoy a dip while gazing up at the starry sky. Here, unlike the city, the sky is filled with stars. We highly recommend enjoying the view while soaking yourself in the rotenburo. A view unlike unlike any other in Hachijojima.

Suekichi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu

Address: 581-1 Suekichigo, Hachijo-machi
Hours: 10:30AM – 9:30PM
Closed: Tuesdays
Entrance Fee: Adult ¥500, Children ¥200
Website here(Japanese Only)

Ashiyu Kirameki: Hachijojima’s One And Only Footbath, And With Spectacular Views Too

Photo by Hachijojima Tourism Association
Ashiyu Kirameki is a half hour drive from Sokotsuchi Port, or 25 minute drive from Yaene Port. It’s Hachijojima’s only footbath, and it’s located in a fantastic spot with a sweeping view from Aigae Bay of the Pacific Ocean. It was named Kirameki, which means sparkle, for the way the ocean at Aigae Bay glimmers. A popular spot among locals and tourists alike, you can warm your feet while enjoying the view of the ocean glimmering as it reflects the light from the sun, just as the name suggests. It’s busy during winter times too when you can watch the sun setting into the horizon. As it’s free, it’s a nice casual place to stop by and relax.

Ashiyu Kirameki
Address: Nakanogou-mura, Hachijo-machi, Tokyo
Hours: 11AM – 9PM
Website here(Japanese Only)


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