Relaxing At mock mock: B&B With A View Of Countless Stars

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During the day, swing gently in a hammock while feeling the breeze, and at night, feel the fresh air through your skin as you gaze up at the infinite stars.
Mock mock, a bed and breakfast on Izu Oshima island is the perfect place for an experience such as the one just described, a rarity in the city. A place accommodating only two groups per night, how about spending a memorable day at mock mock?

Hammock, tree house, family of ducks and log house.
A 25 minute drive by car from Motomachi Port, and 38 minutes from Okata Port. Drive towards Habu Port, and once past the school and shrine, you should be able to spot the adorable sign for mock mock.
Parking the car and stepping out of the car, the first thing to come into view are the hammocks. The cute and colorful hammocks sway gently in the wind. Not far from the hammocks is a tree house, and some chatty ducks waddling happily around the precinct.
As a result of a busy life, I’d forgotten what it is like to really relax, but mock mock is the type of place that can remind you how.
Originally, mock mock was home to the family now running the place, but once the kids grew up and left home, the parents decided to make use of the beautiful log house and turn it into a place to welcome visitors to the island.
A pleasant home for just two groups a night
Housing only two groups per night, the log house has that particular warm, welcoming environment made possible through the use of wood. The two guest rooms have the comfort of home, and the cute decor recalls memories of childhood.
2~3 person room
3~4 person room

In addition to amenities such as toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, there’re also bath towels, face towels, and even a set of pajamas, providing you with the convenience of traveling lightly. It’s even possible to hop on a ferry after a day at work, and arrive at this place surrounded by greenery.

Stargazing at night
Photo by mock mock

Compared to the city, Izu Oshima has a lot more stars visible in the night sky. The view from mock mock in particular is so impressive that you feel the stars are within arm’s reach. The sky appearing so close, you get the feeling they might fall out of the sky. Like little jewels scattered across the horizon, the stars are so clearly visible thanks to the natural surroundings and minimal street lights. How lucky it is to have a real life planetarium right in your backyard.
Mock mock, a place where just being present in the moment can feel like luxury. A sensation and warmth that can only be experienced here. We welcome you to experience it for yourself.

Breakfast not included:
¥6,000 for one adult, ¥5,400 per adult for groups of 2 or more
Primary school children ¥4,100, 3~6 years old ¥2,300, less than 3 years old ¥1,100

Breakfast included:
¥ 7,000 for one adult, ¥6,400 per adult for groups of 2 or more
Primary school children ¥4,900, 3~6 years old ¥2,900, less than 3 years old ¥1,100

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mock mock

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