Kirakugoya-A completely self-built café enveloped by the trees of Oshima *Permanently closed (Apr 2021 Update)

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*Permanently closed (Apr 2021 Update)

Protected from the noise of cars and humans. All you can hear are the birds singing and the sound of the wind. About 10 minutes away by car from Motomachi Port of Izu Oshima Island and down a path beside Oshima High School by the sea, is Kirakugoya, a completely self-built cafe enveloped by human warmth and the trees of Oshima. The cafe is located in a 3,300 square meter environment filled with nature where you can enjoy a tranquil time. Here you can also savor the nature’s bounty such as silkies, loquats and blueberries. The paths in the premises are lined by blooming flowers that change with the season and offer a place of healing where you can hear the songs of birds.


The popular menu uses ingredients of Oshima. You can enjoy the flavors of nature with the dishes such as ashitaba fried rice that uses Oshima’s ashitaba, and the pizza and spaghetti that use iwanori. They also have fresh juice and other menus popular not only with adults but with small children, and is a popular place for families. You can also buy fresh jams made from fruits picked in the garden as souvenirs.


Menu Prices

  • Iwanori and Tarako Spaghetti 900 yen
  • Homemade Bacon Pizza 950 yen
  • Iwanori Ashitaba Pizza 800 yen
  • Ashitaba Fried Rice 750 yen
  • Curry Rice 850 yen
  • Rice Gratin 950 yen
  • Salad 350 yen
  • Freshly Ground Coffee 350 yen
  • Fresh Juice 500 yen

Ashitaba, banana, milk, carrot, apple, etc.

  • Other homemade cakes (please ask for more information)

Other information

  • Vegetarian dishes: none
  • Pets: allowed (terrace seats)
  • Internet: none
  • Smoking: allowed (terrace seats)
  • Takeout: available
  • Parking: available (10 vehicles)


24-1 Yaenomizu Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo
*Permanently closed (Apr 2021 Update)

Ship Booking

Departure Date
Requests only for return tickets with outward journey starting in Tokyo. This service only handles reservations of return tickets departing from Takeshiba Terminal in Tokyo. Call to make reservations for other ticket types.

Confirmation of requests and suspension of service in case of long holidays Responses to email (Saturday, Sundays and public holidays)

Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance of departure date.

*For example:
If departure date is August 1st, reservations can be made starting June 1st.
If departure date is August 4th, reservations can be made starting June 4th. Please check ferry schedule, fare and availability of seats before filling in your preferred date and time.
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