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Experiencing the 4 seasons at the Tokyo Islands

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While the average annual temperature can vary at each island, on average it is between 15 to 18 degrees celcius. Compared to Tokyo, the temperature doesn’t vary so much between summer and winter. Due to the oceanic climate, it can rain quite often, but it rarely snows.

There are many ways to enjoy Tokyo Islands depending on the time of year.


Spring is a great time to enjoy the many flora abundant around the islands.


Summer is the best season for swimming.

Between June and September, temperatures can surpass 30 degrees celsius, similar to that of a tropical climate. The beaches and coastlines become crowded with visitors. Have fun swimming during the day, and at night, enjoy barbecues and firework parties. As the seawater temperature rises, this is the best season for snorkeling too.


For hiking and diving, fall is a better season.

The seawater temperature this season is not that different to summer, yet the water is clearer than in the summer, making it perfect for underwater observations of marine life.

By the end of fall, the mountains begin to change color. Make the most of this season by taking the time to observe the gradual changes from summer to fall.


When winter comes, strong winds blow across the island and the waves can be more rough. Even in such weather, going on a jungle trek can help ward off the winter chill. Tropical trees do not wither in winter, and remains just as they were in summer. Who knows, but perhaps seeing these plants standing strong in the winter, your body will warm up too.

Also, camellias especially are known for growing on many of the islands. Various festivals, including the renowned Camellia festival that celebrates its bloom, are held in Oshima Island and the island draw large crowds. Take part in a festival that is exclusive to that locale, and perhaps you will feel a connection to the culture unique to the island.

Experience the different seasonal attractions of the Tokyo Islands for yourself.