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Let’s go diving at the Tokyo Islands, where the sea is B(lu)eautiful

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Of the many activities available at the Tokyo Islands, diving is perhaps the most popular. There are diving shops on almost all the islands, and divers gather year round.

The islands are surrounded by beautifully blue seas. The water is incredibly clear, especially when compared to the city, and you can swim underwater as though flying through the air.

Also, the sights you see while diving changes from island to island. From tropical fish that travel from far away to pass through the Kuroshio (Black tide), to dolphins that live in the island’s waters, and colonies of table corals in the north, you can experience the full spectrum of marine life.

To go diving at the islands, you can go to the diving shops, or alternatively you can go to hotels that cater to divers. These hotels provide are well equipped and offer accommodation packages designed for divers, so do make use of them.