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Introducing gourmet delicacies of the Tokyo islands

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The first delicacy I would like to introduce you to is fish.

Tokyoislands is a rich fishing ground, and everyday you see the local fishermen bringing in fresh catch. These fish are far more fresh than any you would get your hands on in the city, and the particular bite that they have is a sure mark of fish that is very fresh.

Of the many dishes that use fish as its main ingredient, the shimazushi (island sushi) are especially recommended. There are many restaurants on the island serving tasty sushi made by masters of the craft, and even though the quality of the ingredients are higher, these restaurants are much more reasonably priced when compared to the city. Even if you aren’t a fan of sushi, there are other excellent dishes using local fish to choose from. It’s definitely worth trying some when you visit Tokyoislands. Photo by Dear Shy
edible Ashitaba leaf Photo by Dear Shy

But it doesn’t end there. Dishes using locally farmed vegetables are another must try. Ashitaba (A Japanese herb of the parsley family), a local specialty of the Izu Islands, can be served as tempura or ohitashi (boiled and served with soy sauce). The freshly picked ashitaba from the islands aren’t so bitter and highly palatable.

Camellia oil, another prided island specialty is commonly known for its use in cosmetics, but here on the islands, they are used in various forms of cooking too. Camellia oil is said to be good for your health, and as it has similar notes to olive oil, it goes well in dishes like carpaccio.

Give these specialty ingredients a try, and do so by tasting the variety of dishes unique to island cooking.