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Going for a famous fishing spot in Tokyo where the black tide flows.

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The Tokyo Islands are a famous fishing spot. Around the islands, fish from all around Japan, including tropical fish from the south and fish from up north amass in this area. Because of this, the types of fish that can be caught here are diverse, and with it you can experiment with different forms of fishing too.

There are numerous fishing spots, varying from the embankment at the port, to the beach, and rocks along the coastline. Because the water is so clear, you can see with your own eyes where the fish are swimming from your fishing spot.

Fishing out at sea is also recommended. As the kuroshio (black tide) flows through Tokyoislands, it is possible to try fishing for a much bigger catch out at sea. To do so, you would need to do it from a boat. This can be arranged by asking shops selling fishing equipment or guesthouses that cater to fishermen. The staff working at stores selling fishing equipment are sure to give you a hand should you need help.

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