Hiking on Mt. Mihara: feel connected with volcanoes and forests

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At the Tokyo Islands, you will find an amazing mix of hiking courses. The many trails that take you close to the volcanoes of the island will show you the different faces that they have to offer and a glimpse into their mysterious essence. Walk over igneous rocks spewed from past eruptions and feel the volcanoes breath. Hardened flowing lava, strewn across the visage, beautiful as if art.

following a misty track

following a misty track

A mysterious forest grows on top of the volcanic rock. An enigmatic air holds as you visit this young forest littered with short and thin trees, a curious product from an eruption 30 years past.

At the top of the volcano, take a peek into the crater and be surprised by its enormity and scale. Hike around the magnificent caldera and enjoy scenic landscapes, and if you’re lucky, a spectacular view of Mt.Fuji. After you’ve had your share of lava, move on to a hike through the desert and jungle – challenge yourself to a wide variety of hiking.