“Chalon” Oshima’s Cake shop baking with local ingredients

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How about enjoying your time having a tasty cake and coffee on a sunny relaxing space at Chalon in Oshima Island. You can also enjoy our cake at our terrace on sunny days. We have a lineup of bakery made of local ingredients loved by our neighbors and visitors.

With cakes and bakery, we appeal Ooshima trough sweeties.
Born and grown in Oshima, manager Takano started Chalon just because with the passion of delivering tasty cakes to the people of the island.
Opened in 2002, the viral information form the locals and visitors spread and brought more people by time. You can also find not only sweeties made local ingredients but also local souvenirs.
Baumkuchen with the image of earth layer, one of our famous sightseeing spot. We offer natural plain flavor and our local plant ashitaba (angelica) flavor.
Our popular gift, almond cookies imitating lava rock of Mihara mountain.
Mihara volcanic crater puff. Take a bite of this volcanic crater, your mouth will be filled with the melting taste of chocolate from the dough.

Beside this, we recommend you to try ashitaba (angelica) castella and Oshima cherry flower castella made of salted petal, and Oshima milk pudding made from Oshima milk, that lots of people became fan. We have a good lineup of original sweeties that you can enjoy.

We also offer lunch meal.
We are not only specified in sweeties but we also have menu for lunch. We recommend our unique Chalon burger the original “Chou burg”, fleshy patty with vegetables sandwiched with our homemade chou dough. You will not find chou burg anywhere else because we created it.
Experience the harmony of the crispy chou with the juicy patty and feel the difference with the usual burgers.
Another popular menu is pizza that is made after we take order. Rare combination of pizza and minced cutlet coming from the “Ugai Shoten” in Habu harbor area, known for their excellent fried foods, is also something you can only taste here.
If you feel like having a break drop by Chalon, surrounded with the nature our cake will definitely taste good.

Address: Jinooka-65-119 Motomachi, Oshima, Tokyo 100-0101
Phone: 04992-2-3677
Opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Opening hours for restaurant: 11:00 – 17:00
Holiday: every Thursday and third Wednesday of the month
Website: http://oshimachalon.web.fc2.com/chalonhptop.htm(Japanese Only)


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