Toshima Niijima Shikinejima Kozushima

Tips For Fast, Affordable Access To Kozushima, Shikinejima, Niijima, and Toshima island.

Tokyo Islands are a group of islands located south of Tokyo. The water surrounding these…

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A Couple Of Hours Only A Day! Jinata Onsen: A Secret Hot Spring In Tokyo

An onsen that you can only enter during certain periods once or twice a day….

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cold pressing Tsubaki oil

Make your own Tsubaki oil!

Edited on 24th of November 2016 The famous Oshima Tsubaki flower – its seeds are…

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Sakae Zushi – A Local Favorite With Menu Ranging From Sushi To Karaage.

A must-have when you’re on an island surrounded by the ocean, is fish! You’ve made…

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1 Night & 2 Days In Niijima! What To Do And How To Get Around

The contrasting white sands and painterly light blue of the ocean leaves visitors to Niijima…

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surfstation_habushi niijima

Surf Station Habushi: Cottage and Surf Shop Near the Coast

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Niijima island is surfing. The…

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8 Must-See Places On Oshima Island

Living life in the fast lane, there are times every now and then, when you…

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Treasure Hunting On An Island In Tokyo!? A Look Into Rogaining On Oshima Island.

Photo by Adventure Divas As a child, everyone dreams of an epic treasure hunt…. But…

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Niijima’s Izakaya Sunshine: A Place Of Genuine Connections Opens For Breakfast During High Season.

Sunshine is an izakaya, a form of Japanese bar with an emphasis on food, located…

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みはらしの湯 (8)

Onsens In Hachijojima: Uramigataki Onsen, Suekichi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu, Ashiyu Kirameki

Photo by Hachijojima Tourism Association Hachijojima, a tropical island in Tokyo where hibiscus flowers bloom,…

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