Caravan Izuoshima

World Travelers And Locals Mingle At Caravan Flake, An International Guest House In Izu Oshima

What’s the best part of traveling? Visiting sites, experiencing nature, enjoying local delicacies… Or how…

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Treasure Hunting On An Island In Tokyo!? A Look Into Rogaining On Oshima Island.

Photo by Adventure Divas As a child, everyone dreams of an epic treasure hunt…. But…

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One Month Only! Music Events At WAX: Summer Beach Parties At Niijima Island

Niijima, known for its white sandy beaches, is quite possibly the only place in the…

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Izuminoie Oshima

Izumi-no-ie: Barbecue, Sunrise and Starry Night Skies. Making The Most Of Izu Oshima Nature

An inn in the most unlikely of places. Izumi-no-ie is tucked away on a spacious…

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Hot Spot For Sea Turtles! Head To Hachijojima For A 90% Chance Of Seeing Sea Turtles

Something I always wish to see when I’m in the ocean, are sea turtles. The…

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Toshima Niijima Shikinejima Kozushima

Tips For Fast, Affordable Access To Kozushima, Shikinejima, Niijima, and Toshima island.

Tokyo Islands are a group of islands located south of Tokyo. The water surrounding these…

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A Couple Of Hours Only A Day! Jinata Onsen: A Secret Hot Spring In Tokyo

An onsen that you can only enter during certain periods once or twice a day….

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Make your own Tsubaki oil!

Edited on 24th of November 2016 The famous Oshima Tsubaki flower – its seeds are…

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Sakae Zushi – A Local Favorite With Menu Ranging From Sushi To Karaage.

A must-have when you’re on an island surrounded by the ocean, is fish! You’ve made…

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