Toshima Niijima Shikinejima Kozushima

Tips For Fast, Affordable Access To Kozushima, Shikinejima, Niijima, and Toshima island.

Tokyo Islands are a group of islands located south of Tokyo. The water surrounding these…

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What to Prepare and Pack for Tokyo Islands

Below is a guide on what to prepare and pack for a trip to Tokyo…

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Tips On Mikurajima – Where To Stay, What to Prepare

For an island vacation without the need to leave Japan, head to Mikurajima. One of…

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Nature Guide Wants to Share the Beauty of Oshima with the World

Islander Focus- Forest Instructor Kana Nishitani Revealing the life and joys of the earth from…

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Tips for Having Fun Of Exploring Tokyo Islands

There are many hotels on Izu Oshima island. Among them, Oshima Hot Spa Hotel is…

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surfing in Niijima

If hearing the word ‘Niijima’ brings to mind cherished memories, then there’s a good chance…

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A hot springs discovery guide

Japan itself is the result if volcanic activity and movement of the plates that together…

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rioting colors of maple leaves,  all over Japan

It’s all about the leaves on Tokyo Islands

As the days grow shorter and nights get cooler, the leaves are changing color. In…

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