following a misty track

Hiking on Mt. Mihara: feel connected with volcanoes and forests

At the Tokyo Islands, you will find an amazing mix of hiking courses. The many…

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Let’s go diving at the Tokyo Islands, where the sea is B(lu)eautiful

Of the many activities available at the Tokyo Islands, diving is perhaps the most popular….

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a hammerhead shark

Snorkeling in the Tokyo Islands will be your great experiences!

Unlike diving which can be costly and requires special training; snorkeling is a quick and…

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the black lava plain often called 'desert' on Oshima island

Ura-Sabaku: Japan’s Only Desert Can Be Found On An Island

Possibly the only ‘desert’ in Japan is found on Mihara mountain on Oshima island, the…

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A hot springs discovery guide

Japan itself is the result if volcanic activity and movement of the plates that together…

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smelling 'fart grass' on Oshima island

Discovering how kids can have fun on Oshima Island

Living abroad has many advantages. Especially making trips to new places, which my family calls…

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Relaxing Japanese-style; hop into an Onsen

Humans need nature. We have learned to use and often improve what nature provides. People…

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rioting colors of maple leaves,  all over Japan

It’s all about the leaves on Tokyo Islands

As the days grow shorter and nights get cooler, the leaves are changing color. In…

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