Niijima’s Charm, Its Captivating View

Beginning of May, I got on a boat from Shikinejima with two companions and headed…

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Shikinejima-A Diver’s Paradise-

3 hours from Takeshiba Pier in Hamamatsucho area, Tokyo. High speed jet ferry operated by…

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Oshima Onsen Hotel: The Go-To Hotel For A Luxury Island Stay

You can’t talk about Izu Oshima without talking about Mt. Mihara, the mountain at the…

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Experiencing The Power Of Mother Nature At Mt. Mihara

On Oshima Island, one of Tokyo’s Izu islands, a mountain called Mt. Mihara sits at…

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Nature Guide Wants to Share the Beauty of Oshima with the World

Islander Focus- Forest Instructor Kana Nishitani Revealing the life and joys of the earth from…

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Hiking With A Nature Guide in Oshima. Love The Island More

Texas Trail @ Mount Mihara @ Oshima / _ Izu Oshima, an island that is…

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‘Hama-no-yu’ Open air onsen with a view of the sea and mountain

Izu Oshima, Izu Islands is an island packed with charm that is only one and…

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Playing Golf while looking at the ocean and the mountains!

Oshima Golf Club, located in the northern part of Izu Oshima is a great course…

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Toshiki Beach: The vivid blue ocean and colorful fish

The ocean sparkles a vivid blue as if it had breathed in the sky; a…

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all shades of blue around the Tokyoislands

Experience the beautiful oceans around the Tokyoislands

Tokyoislands is surrounded by beautifully blue seas. On a good day, the water is so…

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