1 Night & 2 Days In Niijima! What To Do And How To Get Around

The contrasting white sands and painterly light blue of the ocean leaves visitors to Niijima…

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8 Must-See Places On Oshima Island

Living life in the fast lane, there are times every now and then, when you…

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Orange Fish

Orange Fish- the diving shop in Oshima knows everything from the sea to the mountain.

Approved as a geo-park, Izu Oshima is an attractive island with lots of aspects to…

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Sanohama Beach: Sweeping view of 1Km black sand coastline

Beach on Oshima is quite characteristic. Contrast between the clear blue water with the black…

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Toshiki Beach: The vivid blue ocean and colorful fish

The ocean sparkles a vivid blue as if it had breathed in the sky; a…

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all shades of blue around the Tokyoislands

Experience the beautiful oceans around the Tokyoislands

Tokyoislands is surrounded by beautifully blue seas. On a good day, the water is so…

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Oshima ocean

Going for a famous fishing spot in Tokyo where the black tide flows.

The Tokyo Islands are a famous fishing spot. Around the islands, fish from all around Japan, including…

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Let’s go diving at the Tokyo Islands, where the sea is B(lu)eautiful

Of the many activities available at the Tokyo Islands, diving is perhaps the most popular….

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a hammerhead shark

Snorkeling in the Tokyo Islands will be your great experiences!

Unlike diving which can be costly and requires special training; snorkeling is a quick and…

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