Gojinka Single Distillation Shochu

Early morning at the end of January, the smell of koji (steamed rice/barley injected with…

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Shabu shabu set dinner

Introducing gourmet delicacies of the Tokyo islands

The first delicacy I would like to introduce you to is fish. Tokyoislands is a…

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working with camellia oil

Attractive events on Oshima island

Every year from January to March, a camellia festival is held on Oshima. This is…

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ashitaba tea

specialty products; best souvenirs from the Tokyo Islands

The Izu or Tokyo Islands have many specialty products made possible by its unique climate…

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Have your fill of Hachijojima food at Funamiso

  Today, we are introducing Funamiso, located in the central area of Hachijojima. This accommodation…

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Hachijojima tamaishigaki; beautiful walls built by convicts in the Edo period

The Streets Of Tokyo Islands: Oshima and Hachijojima

Tokyo, arguably one of the world’s most exciting city. But no more than two hours…

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rioting colors of maple leaves,  all over Japan

It’s all about the leaves on Tokyo Islands

As the days grow shorter and nights get cooler, the leaves are changing color. In…

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