Minato-Sushi: A Must For Every Visitor! Sushi and ‘Bekko’ Sushi Made From Local Catch

Having opened close to 200 years ago, Habu Port, or Habu-no Minato as it’s known…

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Miyoshi Souvenir Shop: All Of Oshima’s Souvenirs In One Place!

What is Oshima island known for? What’s a good souvenir to take home from Oshima?…

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Friend House Hotel And Restaurant: A Home Away From Home

When traveling, I am always on the lookout for places that feel like home. A…

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Oshima’s Unique Art – Gojinka Taiko Evangelist

Islander Focus, a series of conversations with residents of Izu Oshima. This time we speak…

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Toriton Ice Cream Shop

Locals love their Toriton ice cream made from local ingredients

Islander Focus-Tsutomu Asanuma, owner of Shima no Ice Cream Ya Toriton “I want my shop…

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A Secret Self-built Cafe Stands Quietly in The Woods

Islander Focus – Mr. Jin Baba, owner of Cafe Spey-cast “I want my customers to…

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cold pressing Tsubaki oil

Have a shot at cold pressing Tsubaki oil, a specialty of Oshima

Produced since the Heian Period (794-1185), Tsubaki oil, also known as Camellia oil or Tea…

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The evangelist of the island’s culture and “icchobori” wood carving

Islander Focus- Torao Fujii of Fujii Workshop “I want to pass it down to the…

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Bekko: Local unique Lustrous amber-color dish

What is Bekko? Bekko is known to be a dish unique to the Izu Islands….

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Fishing Debut on Izu Oshima Island

Izu Oshima, where the entire island is surrounded by waters that glisten a dazzling blue….

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