Sakae Zushi – A Local Favorite With Menu Ranging From Sushi To Karaage.

A must-have when you’re on an island surrounded by the ocean, is fish! You’ve made…

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1 Night & 2 Days In Niijima! What To Do And How To Get Around

The contrasting white sands and painterly light blue of the ocean leaves visitors to Niijima…

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Niijima’s Izakaya Sunshine: A Place Of Genuine Connections Opens For Breakfast During High Season.

Sunshine is an izakaya, a form of Japanese bar with an emphasis on food, located…

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Photo by POOL/PARK

POOL/PARK, A Chic Cafe That Feels Like A Resort

Photo by POOL/PARK POOL/PARK is a chic cafe on Niijima, one of Tokyo’s seven outlying…

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A Veggie-Friendly Curry Shop In The Forest by Reservation Only- Kirikiri

Is this the right path…? Two large log houses hide behind a small path surrounded…

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“Chalon” Oshima’s Cake shop baking with local ingredients

How about enjoying your time having a tasty cake and coffee on a sunny relaxing…

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Minato-Sushi: A Must For Every Visitor! Sushi and ‘Bekko’ Sushi Made From Local Catch

Having opened close to 200 years ago, Habu Port, or Habu-no Minato as it’s known…

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Friend House Hotel And Restaurant: A Home Away From Home

When traveling, I am always on the lookout for places that feel like home. A…

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Toriton Ice Cream Shop

Locals love their Toriton ice cream made from local ingredients

Islander Focus-Tsutomu Asanuma, owner of Shima no Ice Cream Ya Toriton “I want my shop…

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A Secret Self-built Cafe Stands Quietly in The Woods

Islander Focus – Mr. Jin Baba, owner of Cafe Spey-cast “I want my customers to…

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