Fishing Debut on Izu Oshima Island

Izu Oshima, where the entire island is surrounded by waters that glisten a dazzling blue….

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Tokyo Municipal Oshima Park Zoo

Zoos: A Place To Learn About The Many Forms Of Life When I was young,…

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Enjoyable cycling course! Sunset Palm Line Course

‘I’m looking for a nice chill ride’ If that’s you,  then we recommend biking on…

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Toshiki Beach: The vivid blue ocean and colorful fish

The ocean sparkles a vivid blue as if it had breathed in the sky; a…

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all shades of blue around the Tokyoislands

Experience the beautiful oceans around the Tokyoislands

Tokyoislands is surrounded by beautifully blue seas. On a good day, the water is so…

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surfing in Niijima

If hearing the word ‘Niijima’ brings to mind cherished memories, then there’s a good chance…

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Oshima ocean

Going for a famous fishing spot in Tokyo where the black tide flows.

The Tokyo Islands are a famous fishing spot. Around the islands, fish from all around Japan, including…

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following a misty track

Hiking on Mt. Mihara: feel connected with volcanoes and forests

At the Tokyo Islands, you will find an amazing mix of hiking courses. The many…

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Let’s go diving at the Tokyo Islands, where the sea is B(lu)eautiful

Of the many activities available at the Tokyo Islands, diving is perhaps the most popular….

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a hammerhead shark

Snorkeling in the Tokyo Islands will be your great experiences!

Unlike diving which can be costly and requires special training; snorkeling is a quick and…

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