Toshiki Beach: The vivid blue ocean and colorful fish

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The ocean sparkles a vivid blue as if it had breathed in the sky; a swimming pool created by mother nature herself.
Feel the alluring beauty of glittering reflections as you look into the crystal clear water. A paradise where bright colored creatures live in harmony.
Here in the ocean, let’s have fun together!
This time we visited Toshiki Beach near the southernmost point on Izu Oshima.
The natural pool here is calm and serene, thanks in large part to the surrounding basalt lava that keeps the strong ocean waves at bay. The water here is fairly deep making it a favorite diving spot for kids. Here children jump off rocks creating splashes that glitter in the sun, or discover the many nooks and crannies where the islands many creatures live.
Our most recommended activity at Toshiki Beach is snorkeling.
Take even a quick dive and you’ll discover colorful sea anemone, corals, and countless schools of fish gracefully swimming below you. Be enamoured at the sight, forget time, and feel a slice of paradise.
Photo credit: Mr. Mochizuki (Beach Line )
See the Mottled Blennies that make their homes at the ladders in Aki-no-Hama or the migrating Orange Spot Sugeonfish, with their vibrant yellow color that only visit the island during certain times of the year. Watch as Clownfish wrap themselves in a bed of sea anemones, or be captivated by the Neon Damselfish’s beautifully bright blue color. This is just a slice of the rich and diverse ocean life that you will be able to discover at Toshiki Beach.
If you’re looking to dive just a little bit deeper, Toshiki Beach is also a perfect diving spot. You’ll get to see a huge variety of fish, from creatures distinctive and unique to the Izu Islands like the shoal of squid and pool of Yellowstriped Butterfish, there is even a variety of tropical fish that travel with the warm kuroshio current.
There are a lot of beaches at Izu Oshima Island, but we have picked the ones that are best suited for activities such as swimming, snorkeling and exploring among the rocks.
This time we introduced Toshiki Beach. Recommended for snorkeling.
It’s right next to the Port of Okada. Due to its accessibility, we recommend it for families with kids.
 With such clear waters, it’s also a renowned diving spot!
And of course, there are many other great beaches.
Are you worried about toilet facilities at beaches on outlying islands!?  Then worry not. Most of the beaches on Izu Oshima Island haves complete toilet facilities. You can enjoy swimming in peace!
And of course, there are showers too. Now you can wash away the sea water at any time and have fun to your hearts content!
※For those visiting Toshiki beach, you can use the shower and bathrooms at Toshiki Campsite adjacent to the beach.

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